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4 Top Tips For Working From Where You Are

Posted by Robert Phillips on Jan 12, 2022 3:20:42 PM

Across the workspace and the home space, there's been a significant shift in how and where we work, live, and create. 

Work from anywhere

Solutions that are flexible and multifunctional are the way to go to adapt to your space. Products to encourage mobility and movement are a great way to incorporate healthier habits throughout the work day. Sit-stand desks, desk risers, and active seating are all great ways to introduce more movement to your day.

Proper lighting and WIFI access are also key components so make sure your work area is conducive to this especially if you are planning to make video calls. Try practicing a couple of times to test both the lighting and sound/video quality. 

A USB headset or external mic can greatly benefit the audio experience for video conferencing calls. When it comes to tech, cable management is also an obstacle so make sure you've got a good cable organizer to help you from a cable mess. Check out our 4 tips below for creating your space. 


1. Dedicate a workspace

Pick a space that can preferably be closed off from distractions, has good natural light, and ca be dedicated to just work.

2. Make sure it's comfortable

For long term health and better mental clarity, improving the ergonomics of workspace, as well as the air quality, can make a big difference. 

3. Invest to keep you productive

Think about the technology you use when you are working from the company office that makes you productive from where you are.

4. Create and maintain the proper workspace

Personal organizers, dry-erase board and accessories, ergonomic computer products, and headsets all can help create a well-organized space where at home, coffee shop, or in the office.


Download our guide below for additional ideas on creating your calming work space

Work Where You Are



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