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9 Signs That Summer is Officially Over

Posted by Robert Phillips on Sep 7, 2016 12:00:00 PM

We all feel the sadness at this time of year, almost immediately after Labor Day – the summer, technically ends September 22nd, but we feel the changes after the holiday weekend comes to end. The summer season brings a whole lot of fun, activities, and laidback attitude that is contagious. We outline 9 signs that mark summer is officially over.


Your Social Calendar Begins on Friday Night and Ends Sunday


Source: Edward Boatman, The Noun Project

Between work and responsibilities, the summer social calendar is full throughout the whole week. Whether you’re catching a baseball game on a Monday night, or meeting old friends for happy hour on Wednesday, there is also something fun and exciting to do. Once the summer ends, you will see friends and family on the weekend but everything starts to slow down. 


Pumpkin Coffee, Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Muffins - PUMPKIN EVERYTHING!!!


Source: Pavel Melnikov, The Noun Project 

At your local coffee shop and bakery you will begin to see the pumpkin takeover. Pumpkin flavored coffee, pumpkin donuts, pumpkin pie – pumpkin too much! Can’t we hold onto ice cream and iced coffee for a little longer? The return of the pumpkin marks the change of season.


The Gym Becomes a Place Where Everyone Goes...


Source: Kevin, The Noun Project

For us fitness fanatics, the summer marks the beginning of the gym being less crowded. Once the fall comes, the people who were on vacation and making summer memories return, making the gym jam packed.


Our Favorite Primetime Shows Return


Source: Andrey Vasiliev, The Noun Project 

On a positive note, the end of the summer also begins the fall television season, when all our favorite shows return, such as How to Get Away with Murder, Rosewood, American Horror Story, and many more. Take advantage of the week nights where you can get cozy on the couch and watch your favorite show!


Back to School is in Full Swing



Source: LAFS, The Noun Project 

In the mornings and afternoons, all you can see is yellow school buses. As if the construction on 240/Sam Cooper isn’t enough, you notice that it takes you even looooooonger to drive to work with the added number of parents, students, and teachers driving on the road.


Seasonal Commercials...Really?! It's only September 1st!


Source: Store Black, The Noun Project 

As September approaches, it is clear that the summer is over if you pay close attention to television commercials. The endless array of Halloween costumes, attractions and other relevant commercials make it known that fall is coming. Hey! You may even see a few Christmas ones thrown into the mix.


Sundays Become Game Days


Source: Richard Cordero, The Noun Project

Tiger Football! You know the summer is over when it’s time to hit up Tiger Lane or chill out at home watching the game. Fantasy drafts unfold and you can hear devoted fans talking about their winning “lineup” wherever you go.


Home Is Golden


Source: dilayorganci, The Noun Project

You begin to notice more and more that your favorite place to be is home. Whether it’s reading a book or watching your favorite movie, home is where your heart wants to be. The days of never being home and constantly being preoccupied are over - the couch is your new best friend. 


Doctors Appointments, Hair Cuts, Home Improvement, & More Become the Norm


Source: Arthur Shlain, The Noun Project

Everything that you have been putting off for months has suddenly made its way onto your checklist. Each week you have a different doctor’s appointment, haircut, or home improvement job to do. All the stuff on the back burner has now made its way to the front, leaving you overwhelmed!


Our team hopes you had a great summer and that this post has made you laugh a little bit about your favorite season coming to an end…only another 286 days till summer 2017!

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