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How To Nail that Next Virtual Call

Posted by Robert Phillips on Feb 28, 2022 2:53:36 PM


From virtual brainstorming sessions to meetings and webinars, many people have learned to adjust to hybrid or remote work environments. While the ability to communicate from anywhere has transformed the way organizations work, learning how to consistently make a good impression on those calls can sometimes feel like a work in progress. Here are some helpful tips to ensure you leave a lasting impression.

Lighting is Crucial

It’s important to ensure that your workstation is set up in an area that has optimal lighting and a professional, organized appearance. A great option is to set your desk in front of a window so you have natural light hitting your face throughout the day. If you don’t have windows in your work area, an alternative can be to put a lamp behind your laptop.

Be Prepared

A great way to make a good impression is to go into each meeting prepared. If you’ll be presenting on the call, be sure to keep all your important talking points nearby with 3M’s Monitor Mount Document Clip. If you’re meeting with a client or customer, be sure to keep all their files on hand so you don’t need to ruffle through your drawers and disrupt the flow of the meeting. A great option to consider is Smead’s Letter Organizer Folder.

Test Your Wifi

Although you can’t avoid all tech glitches, testing your internet connection prior to the call can help to ensure peace of mind. Particularly if the call is being held on a video-sharing platform you have yet to use, going through the steps to join and ensuring your wifi is working correctly can help you avoid any last-minute problems.

Take Notes

It can sometimes be challenging to fully focus on virtual calls, whether you’re distracted by something going on in your environment, in your colleague's background, email notifications, and more. Be sure to listen intently to whoever is speaking at the time, taking notes and writing down any questions you may have. This will allow you to fully focus and be in the moment, and ensure that you can participate and respond accordingly.

Try out these tips for your next virtual call!

source: AOPD

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