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Secret iPhone Storage Hacks

Posted by Robert Phillips on Aug 6, 2015 8:59:00 AM


Seeing the dreaded ‘Storage Almost Full’ notification pop up on an iPhone is the thing nightmares are made of. Not being able to capture a picture of your meal or download an app to read the stars is something that can be easily avoided. Our team at Yuletide has gathered their favorite tricks to getting the most out of their iPhone storage just for you.


1. Delete your dating apps messages. It’s okay you don’t have to admit that you use Tinder or OkCupid but if you just happen to, make sure to delete those old messages. The data (messages) that are stored within the app is what is taking space, not the actual app in itself. If it didn’t work out, delete those messages and get them out of your life forever.
  2. Get rid of played podcasts. While podcasts are awesome (when is Serial coming back?), you are most likely not going to go back and listen to them again. After you finish an episode, simply delete them. But what if you want to listen to it again? Just re-download it (it’s free.) You can set your phone to automatically delete a podcast once it’s played.
3. Don’t save text messages. This is a big one because texts take up a ton of storage. In one of the new iOS updates, Apple put in a new feature where you can have you phone delete read messages after 30 days.
4. Get your photo and video storage under control. You can set you phone by going to Settings > Photos & camera > Optimize phone storage. You can set your phone to keep on low res photos while sending the full resolution photos to iCloud.
  5. Clear your browser data. Now that we literally have the Internet at our fingertips, it’s so easy to quickly Google something and end up 40 pages deep into cute puppy videos. Clear your browser cookies to free up some storage.  
6. Don’t save Instagram photos. While getting photos up on the ‘gram is an important part of our culture, once it’s up you don’t have to keep the photo any longer. Go into you phone settings for Instagram and toggle off the ‘Save Original Photo’ switch.
7. Get rid of apps you don’t use on the regular. Downloading the newest version of Candy Crush is definitely fun; not playing it for three months is not. Get rid of apps that clog up your phone that you haven’t used in months or maybe never even opened. But what if someday you need that app that adds moustaches to your selfies?  You can download it again at anytime at no cost.
  8. Don’t keep voicemails forever. Those hilarious voicemails you get from your friends at 4am might be funny the next day, when are you actually going to listen to it again? Use iExplorer if you do want to go back and listen but want to free up storage.  
9. Download updates on your computer. When Apple rolls out a new update, I never seem to have enough storage. Plug your iPhone into your computer and update it through iTunes. Mind blown!

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