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15 Signs You're Ready for Kids to Go Back to School

Posted by Robert Phillips on Sep 2, 2015 8:44:38 AM


The beginning of summer – BBQs, beach days, ice cream, warm summer nights. Summer may have started out like a picturesque June but it quickly turned into “I don’t like blue popsicles”, “I counted and I have 37 bug bites”, and “But Mom I don’t need to sleep; I’m on summer vacation!” We know you love your kids but the time has finally come for your home to be free of sticky fingers for a few hours a day with the return of school. Aren’t sure if you’re ready for your kids to head back to school for the next nine months? See our list to see if you might be ready for your little loved ones to get on the school bus and wave goodbye.


You have run out of kid friendly shows on Netflix.



You keep daydreaming about drinking a cup of coffee when it’s still hot.


You’ve triple checked each back pack to make sure the kids have no excuses to turn around, once they leave the house to get on the bus.


You have officially lost the taste for popsicles.


You can no longer smell sunscreen when you put it on the kids; your nose has become desensitized.

Morning Routine

You have been practicing the morning routine since early July.

Lunch Date

You and your friends have breakfast and lunch plans at a place that doesn’t serve chicken nuggets on the first day of school.

School Supplies

You have enough school supplies for the entire 4th grade.


You have heard “Let it Go” so many times that you’re actually starting to like it.


You make a mad dash to the mailbox to see if the bus and class schedules arrived.

Pintrest Crafts

You’ve run out of Pinterest projects to do that might actually not look like Pinterest fails.

Latest News

You have no idea what has happened in the news in the last three months.

Catch up on DVR

You are dreaming about the day when you can finally catch up on your DVR.

First day of School Outfit

You have your first day of school outfit picked out.

Quiet House

You think about how quiet the house will be and how many naps you can finally enjoy.

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