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Small Business Trends

Posted by Robert Phillips on Jul 13, 2022 9:31:21 AM

Small Business Trends

Have you stayed on track with all the small business trends of 2022 so far? If not, have no fear. Here are a few things to keep in mind for the remainder of the year to ensure a successful 2022 and beyond for your small business.

Health is Always In Style

Your health is your wealth, and hygienic products are always on-trend. Keep your workspace and business clean and safe for your customers and employees by investing in products like P&G’s Spic and Span Disinfecting All Purpose Spray. Not only will this show others that you care about their wellbeing and safety, but your office and business space will also smell fresh and clean, making it a more inviting and welcoming atmosphere.


Always Improve the Customer Experience

It’s important that everything from your website to your customer service department is always getting better. Make regular updates to your inventory by refreshing products, making sure you have the latest information and collateral, as well as pricing and available discounts. This will improve the user experience for customers visiting your website and leave a good impression on shoppers visiting your store, helping you to generate more sales, gain positive reviews, and improve your brand presence.

Customers Want Transparent Shipping Times

Be sure to create clear communication around shipping expectations so customers know what to expect when making a purchase from you. Remember, customers, appreciate authentic and honest companies that respect them, their business, and their time. By giving as up-to-date shipping estimates as possible, you’ll also be reducing the risk of bad reviews. A helpful tip to make shipping a breeze is to invest in the right, trusted products to ensure everything gets delivered seamlessly. A great option to consider is 3M’s Scotch Heavy-Duty Shipping/Packaging Tape.

Keep these trends in mind throughout 2022 and beyond.

source: AOPD