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Yuletide Folk – Wendy Howell

Posted by Robert Phillips on Mar 22, 2016 12:00:00 PM


A Round of Applause for Wendy Howell

What better way than to welcome Wendy Howell to the team than with a spotlight in our Yuletide Folk series?


Wendy is one of the newest members of the Yuletide family. She joined us six months ago as our Senior Interior Designer. Her main job is to provide innovative design solutions for customer interiors. In layman’s terms, she makes everything we have at Yuletide look absolutely spectacular.

What does Wendy enjoy most about working at Yuletide? “My co-workers.” Well, we can say that the feeling is truly mutual.

Wendy has been in the commercial design industry for 20 plus years. So, it is safe to say she knows her stuff. A typical workday for her varies. “It depends on the day.”

In the future, Wendy hopes to further her knowledge of commercial and design trends. This way, she can grow in the industry even more. When she is not working, Wendy is either running, reading, volunteering her time, singing, or busy being a loving mother.

“Some of my lifelong goals are to become a better and more talented designer so I can inspire other people in my career field,” she said.  “[I hope to] be the best mother that I can to my two sons and leave a positive caring piece of myself with everyone.”

One of Wendy’s hidden talents? She can sing opera.

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